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Kitchen Renovation: 4 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Kitchen

Do you live in a rental apartment and can't make significant changes to your home's structure? Or are you a homeowner with a kitchen space that does not reflect your style and taste? The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that most people spend a lot of time in, and it is worth making it feel homey and welcoming. Adding a little character to your kitchen can transform the appearance of the entire space and the rooms adjacent to it. If you are looking for simple ideas to renovate the space and add a personal touch, look no further. Here are some actionable tips that you can utilize.

Get Cleaning

No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to vamp up a dirty and cluttered kitchen space. No amount of color and fixtures can make the room look as appealing as you'd like. Therefore, before you start any renovations, make the kitchen sparkle – get cleaning. Set aside one day to thoroughly freshen up the room. Get rid of clutter, from unused utensils to fixtures that are just lying around. Scrub the floors, wipe the surfaces, cabinets, and appliances, and clean the windows. Your kitchen will not only look better, but also it will appear bigger than it was.

Invest in new furnishings

Sometimes, you don't need to knock down a wall in your kitchen or invest in a fresh coat of paint to add character to the space. All you need is to freshen up the furnishings in your kitchen. Purchase new cushions for your dining chairs and bar stools. Invest in colorful fruit bowls, candlesticks, vases, and other eye-catching pieces that will add pop and color to the room. Invest in a new rug and blinds or roller shutters to brighten the kitchen too. You can also use an open-shelf system to display utensils. If you want to splurge on the renovation, you can also use a new paint color to give the kitchen a total transformation.

Add color to the cabinets

Cabinets create efficient storage spaces for the kitchen. Whether you have floating ones or those that are installed under the benches, there is a need to add color to these pieces if you want to give the space a fresh look. Assess the color scheme in your kitchen and choose a color to paint your cabinets. You can go for the traditional stained wood or opt for bold colors like hues of blue, red, purple, and others. If you are not into a permanent color, you can also invest in cabinet wallpaper which can be removed in the future.

Contact a kitchen designer to help you in determining which parts of your kitchen require renovations. They will also assist you in choosing the fixtures and colors that will add a personal touch to the room.