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A Few Simple Tips for Choosing the Best Shade Sails for Your Property

Shade sails are a great alternative to awnings, as the fabric of sails can soften the look of your home's aluminium siding, as opposed to a large and obtrusive metal or glass awning. Shade sails can also be spread over a pool area more easily than an awning, and have more flexibility for how much shade they offer when they're installed. When you're ready to shop for s

Two affordable ways to improve the look of your property's exterior

If you'd like to improve the look of your property's exterior but money is a bit tight, here are a couple of things you can do which won't break the bank. Deep-clean your carport or garage If you have a carport or a garage, it's worth spending a few hours deep cleaning this structure, as due to its large size, it is probably one of the most noticeable features of your

Exploring Your Options for an Outdoor Shade Feature

A shade feature can help to make your outdoor space much more comfortable than if you had a patio or deck that was completely exposed to the sun. Shade features can also block out a light rain and some wind, so that you can enjoy that outdoor deck or patio even if the weather is not optimal. While each choice of shade feature will have its own pros and cons, there are

3 Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

For the almost ten million homeowners in Australia, home improvement is essential. Be it to increase the value of the house for a future sale or just to give it a new lease of life, homeowners value unique approaches to upgrade their dwellings. Below are some ideas to help you renovate both the inside and outside of your house. Install a Granite Bathroom Vanity Top Th

Unique Designs and Trends for Residential Awnings

Residential awnings can be both functional and stylish, as they can provide shade for a patio or deck or for a home's windows, keeping you cool during the warmest of summer days. Awnings can also be very stylish, adding colour or visual interest to an otherwise drab and dull home exterior. Since you have so many choices for residential awnings, note a few unique desig