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Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Pet Doors for a Residential Home

If you have pets that need to go in and out often, and especially if you're not home during the day, it's good to have a pet door installed for them. This ensures they can relieve themselves as needed, and also keeps you from having to get up every time they need to be let in or out. If you've never had a pet door installed a home before, note a few commonly asked questions about these pieces, so you know if they're an option for your home.

Can they be accessed by intruders?

It would be the rare intruder who is so small that they can squeeze through a pet door, but if you're worried about such a door being used for a break-in, you might choose a locking door. This door uses a sensor that communicates with another sensor on a pet's collar; when the two sensors are close, the door will unlock and let your pet in or out. Once your pet and their collar are both out of range, the door locks. This will keep out anyone that shouldn't be using the door.

Another choice for keeping out intruders is to have the pet door installed in a window; this is good if you have a cat or small dog who can jump onto a platform in front of the pet door and access it. A person is far less likely to be able to crawl through a pet door that is located a few feet or meters above ground, so it's much more secure than one in an entryway door.

What if a pet is hesitant to use it?

Some pets are hesitant to use a pet door, so it may take some training to show them how the door moves with a simple push of their head. However, if your pet is especially hesitant, you might opt for a clear door. If a pet can see through the door, they may be less hesitant about pushing it out of the way.

Can they be put in security doors?

Some doors may be made of thick steel that is too difficult to cut through for a pet door installation. In that case, you can have the pet door installed through an exterior wall in the home, as the home's framework, insulation, and other materials are easier to cut. Your pet door installer can note the best wall to choose, but don't assume having a security door means you cannot have a pet door in the home.