Bringing Your Home and Garden Into the 21st Century

How to Create a More Modern and Industrial Look in the Home

If you love a modern and industrial look in the home, you may not need to go through an extensive remodel or renovation to achieve that look. A few simple changes and updates to certain features of the home can make it look more modern and even a bit industrial, and create the open look that is typically offered by modern homes. Note a few of those changes you might consider in your home if you prefer a modern and industrial look for its interior:


Painting the walls, or just one accent wall, a silvery gray colour can create an industrial look, and tone down any traditional touches in the home. You might even cover one accent wall with a wallpaper that has a silver or grey shade along with a geometric design, which is very modern and industrial.

Window treatments

Billowy curtains are very traditional and even a bit rustic, so swap these out for roller shades. A simple and clean shade without any added embellishment can provide a modern look and the privacy you need over the windows; you can even opt for a thick canvas shade that will add some softness to the space, without compromising its modern design.


Wood doors can seem very traditional and detract from the modern look you want to create in a home, so replace your wood entryway doors with steel or aluminium. At the very least, paint these white to tone down the rich look of the wood. If you're in the market for new patio doors, opt for ones with aluminium frames rather than wood, or choose frameless glass, if possible. This will give you a nice view to the outside and also keep the space looking very modern. You might also do the same with interior doors; swap out the wood office door for a glass door, for a cleaner and more open look.


A wood staircase can seem very traditional, and might detract from the modern interior you're trying to create, so consider replacing it with glass and metal. Thick glass panels can work as both balusters and balustrades, and can also be safer for children and pets, who might get their heads stuck between individual spindles. If this isn't an issue, you might choose something very unique for the balusters, such as metal wiring or rods. A stainless steel railing or frame around glass panels can also add a modern and industrial look, and help keep the staircase open and bright.

Contact a company that can install glass and stainless steel balustrades for more information and assistance.