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Questions Many People Have About Using a Custom Homebuilder

Having a custom home built from the ground up can mean having a house that works for you in particular, with all the storage, electronic features, and eco-friendly choices you've always wanted in a home. You can also create a design that will work as the years go by, such as having the master bedroom on the first floor so that you don't need to use stairs once you get older and have problems with balance and coordination. When you're ready to meet with a custom homebuilder, note a few questions you might have and will want to cover with them, so you know everything involved in having a home built for you.

Can a custom home be built on a lot already owned?

If you already own a lot, your custom homebuilder needs to follow local zoning laws, and will consider the overall topography of the lot, and if it can accommodate your preferred plans. There may also be factors you haven't considered, such as how an oversized garage will block the view of the horizon, or how a nearby hill will cut off heat and light. They will also know if your preferred home style might seem out of place on the surrounding neighbourhood. Once the homebuilder has discussed these details with you, they can then work with you to adjust your plans to fit your lot, or help you find a more suitable lot.

How is a 3D rendering different than a floor plan?

Most homebuilders will use both a floor plan and a 3D rendering; the floor plan is used by engineers and other contractors to understand all the technical details of how to actually build the home, while the 3D rendering can help to visualize the space. If you want to ensure the floor plan will work for how you envision the home's interior and exterior, ask for a 3D rendering in particular.

Can a custom homebuilder help create home plans?

A custom home builder may not be an interior decorator, but they can usually work with you to create a home plan that works for you and that offers the style and look you want. For instance, if you struggle to add the storage you need in each room, or want to ensure you have sufficient windows for added sunlight in the home, your homebuilder can usually offer a variety of options for those features, so you end up with a home you love.

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