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Three Low-Cost Privacy Screen Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

Summer is approaching fast, and you have not yet decided what type of privacy screen you will put up on your patio…what do you do? While privacy screens keep prying eyes away, it does not mean that you should close your patio completely. Privacy screens are supposed to maintain privacy and, at the same time, allow a fresh breeze into the deck during hot days. Nonetheless, finding the right material for such screens can be a problem especially if you consider cost implications. This article provides privacy screen ideas that you can apply in your patio at relatively low costs. 

Bamboo Privacy Screen -- Using bamboo to make a privacy screen is both cheap and classy. To make one, you need thin wooden strips, bamboo fencing, L brackets, sisal ropes and hooks. First, make a rectangular frame using the wooden pieces because it will hold the bamboo strips in place. Follow this up by lining thin strips of wood along the structure, end to end, and secure them in place using sisal rope. Once these are in place, cut the bamboo strips into the desired sizes and lengths then line them up on the frame. Finally, secure the ends of the bamboo strips with sisal rope then lift the entire structure up when done. Your bamboo privacy strip is ready for hanging using the L brackets and hooks.

Drapery Fabric Privacy Screen -- If you have an open-top patio, then a drapery-fabric privacy screen should work for you. To realize one, you need bamboo posts, a drapery fabric, and rope. To start, secure four bamboo posts in the four corners of your patio using the plastic rope. An additional four bamboo posts will be tied to the tips of the four straight standing posts. Add another three bamboo reeds securely across the top of the structure to act as trusses. Once the structure is secure, throw the drapery fabric over the top of the frame. The bamboos acting as trusses will hold it in place as the rest of the material falls to the sides. Finally, use vases to secure the fabric to the ground to prevent wind from blowing it away. You now have your privacy as well as protection from the sun.

Slated Old Closet Door Privacy Screen -- Old closet doors can be turned into a fabulous privacy screen. Depending on the size of your patio, you can set as many closet doors into privacy screens. In addition to the doors, you need to purchase hinges that will be used to connect the doors. To make the slats in the doors, drill holes where you want the slates to go and then use a reciprocating saw to finish the spaces. Once done, place the closet doors together and join those using hinges so that they can fold easily. The slats allow in fresh air, but the overall screen maintains your privacy.