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3 Simple Restoration Tips for Outdoor Teak Furniture

With the correct care plan, teak furniture can last up to 70 years, which this is why such furniture can stay in a home for generations. Teak furniture is particularly resistant to the elements such as rain, frost, and sun, and thus, can remain outdoors all year round. For this reason, teak furniture is ideal for patios, backyards, and poolside. You can buy neglected teak tables and chairs on the cheap at a yard sale and restore them for added functionality and style to your home. Here are simple restoration tips for teak furniture that should be performed at least after every three years.

Clean the Furniture -- Soak and rinse teak furniture with water, preferably with a garden hose before cleaning. The sprayer should have low to moderate pressure to prevent damage to the teak-wood. You can opt to buy a teak cleaner at your local store or use home ingredients. Notably, you can use a sponge and a combination of water and dish soap to get rid of stains and dust. If you plan on using a commercial teak cleaner, follow the instructions as closely as possible. Wash the surface using a hose and allow some time for the furniture to dry naturally.

Sanding – When working on several pieces of teak furniture, you need many sandpapers of different roughness. Sanding, which helps to smoothen uneven surfaces and remove stubborn dirt and debris, can be done with a sander or manually. You can also scrub with steel wool. Most importantly, ensure that you also sand hard-to-reach places of tables and chairs that can be easily ignored during restoration. Sanding also helps to create small scratches and grooves that enable the sticking of paint and oil in subsequent restorative processes.

Teak Protector -- After the furniture surface has been cleaned and sanded; it is time to apply a teak protector. The protector is a water-based agent that brings out the natural color and texture of the wood. Besides, the protector shields the furniture from the harmful effects of sun-rays, which tend to cause discoloration over time. Therefore, apply the coating evenly and wait for at least a day or so before using the furniture. For a more elegant touch, apply a second coat after 24 hours, which is usually an oil-based paint. Since it can be challenging to implement the protector manually, you should consider using a spray can. Teak protection should be performed after every four months to keep the outdoor furniture in optimal shape.Remember that the entire restoration project should be conducted step-wise and meticulously. Therefore, patience should be exercised at all times.