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Unique Designs and Trends for Residential Awnings

Residential awnings can be both functional and stylish, as they can provide shade for a patio or deck or for a home's windows, keeping you cool during the warmest of summer days. Awnings can also be very stylish, adding colour or visual interest to an otherwise drab and dull home exterior. Since you have so many choices for residential awnings, note a few unique designs and trends you might consider when it comes to the awnings you'll have installed on your home.


Glass awnings are a good choice for when you want some protection from harsh sunlight, but don't want full shade on a patio or deck area. The glass used for awnings can be slightly tinted, so you get some shade and coolness below, but can still enjoy summertime sun.

Glass awnings can also provide a unique look to your home's exterior, as they're less obtrusive than a fabric awning, so they don't interfere with the home's overall lines and exterior decor. The metal brackets that are used to keep these awnings in place can work well with a modern home that has many glass and metal details. Glass can also be curved, even in a wavy design, or flat for those who prefer a very clean look to the awning. A flat glass awning can also be cut around the front edge, so it can be wavy or notched, also making it personal and unique.


Like glass, metal awnings can be the best choice for a very modern home with metal accents. Metal can also work well against a traditional brick home, toning down the traditional look. Metal can also be powder coated a variety of colours, so you might choose something unique for your exterior space, such as black or slate grey, brick red, hunter green, or a coppery tone. You might even choose a bright orange or blue for something very personalized! The trenches that are typically stamped into metal awnings to help direct rainwater along the surface can also add visual interest to these pieces, keeping them from looking flat and drab.


Wood awnings are not always a popular choice, since wood will need regular maintenance when exposed to sunlight and the elements. However, a wood awning can give your home's exterior a very traditional look and also tone down the look of brick or aluminium siding. You can also paint wood any colour, so it's easy to change the appearance of a wood awning over the years, keeping it looking fresh and new.