Bringing Your Home and Garden Into the 21st Century

3 Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

For the almost ten million homeowners in Australia, home improvement is essential. Be it to increase the value of the house for a future sale or just to give it a new lease of life, homeowners value unique approaches to upgrade their dwellings. Below are some ideas to help you renovate both the inside and outside of your house.

Install a Granite Bathroom Vanity Top

The bathroom is one area of the house where you want to feel like royalty as you go about your business. An attractive vanity lifts the look of the whole room without requiring more significant investment and work. Swap your wooden or other design vanity top for a granite one to give it a royal look. You can find one that comes with a sink that is undermounted for better stability. 

Add Some Shower Screens

While still looking at the bathroom, you can consider modernising its look by adding a shower screen. There are different types of shower screens to consider based on their design. A full-frame shower screen (a popular choice) features two designs, i.e. a pivoting door or a sliding panel. Due to its full support structure, a bevvy of configurations is made possible giving you flexibility in design.

A frameless one features no frame and is clear glass. The rubber seals are located on the screen itself meaning there are fewer points of grime and dirt collection, making regular cleaning easy. The clear glass also provides an open effect to your bathroom which makes it feel big and spacious. 

A partially framed shower screen is a combination of the frameless and full frame one. The screens (smaller in size than a full frame one) feature discreet framing. Its braces are on top or at the bottom and not all around like a full framed one. It delivers a modern feel to your bathroom while on a friendly budget. Work with companies like A.T. Glass & Aluminium to learn more.

Make a Grand Entry Way

The outside of the house matters just as much as the inside. Spruce up your entryway to make a lasting first impression on guests by using millwork on the frame around your front door. To make a more dramatic statement think of using a colour that will coordinate with your house, adding to its appeal. 

Adding new features to your home is an essential activity whether you want to give it a new look or sell it. A quality makeover will span both the internal and external aspects of your house for outstanding results.