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A Few Simple Tips for Choosing the Best Shade Sails for Your Property

Shade sails are a great alternative to awnings, as the fabric of sails can soften the look of your home's aluminium siding, as opposed to a large and obtrusive metal or glass awning. Shade sails can also be spread over a pool area more easily than an awning, and have more flexibility for how much shade they offer when they're installed. When you're ready to shop for shade sails for your home, note a few simple tips for choosing the best option for your outdoor space.


Note how different shapes of shade sails will affect the amount of shade you get under the sails, and where that shade will be provided. For example, if you need full protection from the sun for an outdoor dining table, you may want a square or rectangular shaped sail, so the entire patio area is protected. However, for shade sails that stretch over a pool, you may want triangular or diamond shapes, as these will allow some sunlight to come over the corners of the sails. This can keep the pool water warmer, and allow you to enjoy some sunshine when you do want to be in the sun while swimming.


To choose the best material for your shade sails, consider the average weather in your area and the amount of protection you want from the elements. If your area has lots of bright, direct sunlight, choose a UV inhibitor fabric; this will block the sun's UV rays, which are harmful to your skin and eyes. If you keep an outdoor heater on the patio, however, this type of fabric can keep that heat trapped in the patio area, creating a stuffy and uncomfortable space. Opt for a breathable canvas material instead, if you need to allow heat to escape your patio or deck area.


Because shade sails are anchored to rings you install in columns or against a home's exterior, you have some flexibility in how those sails will span your patio or pool area. If you install the rings for the sails lower to the ground, so that the sail itself tilts downward, this can offer added protection in the pool from debris such as leaves and twigs. This can also offer more privacy and sound insulation in a patio area. For the most unobstructed view, keep the rings higher up those columns or along your home's exterior wall, so the sails stay out of your line of sight.