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Learning the Language of Lilies

Of all the flowers to grace the planet, the Lily is one of the most beautiful and sought after. You'll be familiar with the heady fragrance of many varieties of lily. You may even have appreciated their stately beauty on significant occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and funerals, and enjoyed them on other important days like Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day.

The Lily has been bred over centuries from the genus Lilium to offer a stunning range of colours, from the purest of whites to a rich, evocative burgundy. The lily can be grown in diverse spaces including borders, beds and yards, balconies and pots, and lilies are found the world over as accent plants. Indoors, the impeccable stature and refined range of fragrance of the lily makes it the perfect flower to suit any decor and, because of its diversity of colours, fragrances and uses, a lily delivery is always a treasured gift.

Lilies across the colour spectrum also hold unique meanings, telling a diverse range of tales from purity to hope. If you're planning a lily delivery, read on to find the lily that says it all.

Lilies By Colour

Lilies By Variety

Whether you are commemorating a solemn event or celebrating a joyous occasion, a lily delivery remains a memorable choice. Take the time to send a message to your loved ones through the symbolic power of lilies and you'll have found the perfect gift.