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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Corner Sofa

Your sofa is where you're going to hang out with friends and relax in the evening, so you should make sure the one you choose perfectly fits your needs. If you haven't already, here are just five reasons to consider a corner sofa.

1. Added Comfort

When it comes to sofas, you need to put comfort front and centre, and you'll find yourself enjoying exceptional comfort with a corner sofa. They tend to be deeper than regular sofas, so you'll be able to sit right back into them when you want to relax. More importantly, they have that all-important chaise lounge section to let you put your feet up.

2. Fantastic Use of Space

A corner sofa takes up more space than a regular sofa, but they use a room's space more effectively. Since they follow the square shape of most rooms, a corner sofa can be placed in the corner to provide more seating space than you'd have with a regular sofa and armchair without taking up too much floor space. You can also place corner sofas in the centre of a room and add one or two armchairs opposite. A corner sofa's extended section helps it seem like its own space, so a corner sofa in the middle of a room looks natural in a way a regular sofa couldn't match.

3. Great for Socialising

Your lounge is the heart of your home. When you have people over, you'll probably end up on the sofa at some point. Corner sofas make great entertaining spaces since more people can sit comfortably. Better yet, you aren't all facing the same direction. Instead, the corner angle lets you face each other more easily.

4. Ideal for a Modular Lounge

A modular lounge is great in smaller spaces since you can eliminate wasted space and personalise the room's layout according to your changing needs. You'll find plenty of modular corner sofas that can be split apart to serve different needs, so they work well for such a setup.

5. Perfect Makeshift Beds  

Finally, your corner sofa can always be used as a makeshift bed when you have people over to stay. Corner sofas do this better than regular sofas thanks to the extended section, which is usually a little flatter and wider than the seating section of a regular sofa. You can even have one person sleep down the regular section and another down the extended section if you have a full house.