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Surprisingly Low-Cost Refurbishments That Will Make Your Home Sell

If you are considering putting your home on the market, then it should be in the best condition possible in order to achieve the highest price. Of course, embarking on a complete overhaul of all of your house's rooms to update them and make them attractive to would-be buyers causes a lot of disruption and will delay your ability to market your property until the work is complete. Instead, you should opt for relatively quick refurbishment projects around the home which add a certain 'wow factor' but which won't break the bank or take weeks and weeks to bring to fruition. What are the easiest wins when it comes to refurbishing your home prior to a sale?

Bathroom Makeovers

When a home is lived in, its bathroom and ensuites tend to develop a tired look no matter how clean you keep them. All suites and tiles – especially the grouting – age with use. Declutter your bathroom so that it becomes much more of a place of relaxation than a mere washroom and give it a makeover with new tiles and flooring so that it is thoroughly freshened. Ensuite renovations are particularly useful for adding value to your home and making it an attractive proposition to buyers who are moving up the housing ladder. A new shower booth, lighting and freshly grouted tiles will all do the trick without being too expensive.

External Doors

You may not be in a position to replace all of your home's windows prior to a sale, especially if the frames on yours are still currently serviceable. However, a great way of making your home look more attractive from the outside is to change your exterior doors. Even if you can only afford to change one, upgrading it will make the entire façade of your property look updated and new. A new front door can work wonders when it comes to attracting potential new owners because their first impression is made from your property's frontage.

Garage Conversion

Although you might like to use your garage for storage, converting it to become part of the home will be worth the effort. Put your belongings into temporary storage and line your garage with panelling so that it becomes a real room. Keep the décor simple so that potential buyers can make their own imprint. Some will want additional living quarters while others might want a spare bedroom or an office. Garages with running water and a full electrical installation add plenty of dollars to the value of properties and a good conversion job will make your home stand out from others in the neighbourhood.