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When to Call an Interior Consultant

An interior consultant is a type of designer who works to coordinate both form and function. He or she will work with you to create a space in your home that is relaxing and inviting, but which also functions properly for your particular needs. Note what is meant by that, and when you might call an interior consultant for assistance with your home.

A room does double-duty

If you have a room in the house that does double-duty, such as when you have an office space in the living room or a craft area in the kitchen, an interior consultant can help make that space more functional while still being inviting. For example, a consultant might suggest better furniture arrangements so there is nothing in the way of foot traffic when you go from one part of the room to the other. Different furniture options might also make better use of the space so that the room is not cramped and crowded.

In some cases, an interior consultant might also suggest different furniture choices so that one function of the room doesn't detract from the other. As an example, a roll-top desk in the bedroom can be closed when not in use, hiding away your bills and paperwork so you can relax at bedtime. A glass partition behind a desk in the family room can help muffle the sound of a TV on the other side of the room, without cutting off your view of the family while working.

Your home lacks storage

Whether you live in a very small home or just don't have enough storage for all your stuff, an interior consultant can help! He or she can note different furniture choices for added storage or suggest how to add shelves, cubbyholes, racks, hooks and other such accessories that will help to keep everything you own organized yet accessible and close at hand.

A room isn't comfortable

Your interior space should be relaxing and inviting, but, unfortunately, many homeowners buy furniture pieces and other accessories based on price or looks alone, without thinking of whether or not those pieces will make a room comfortable. An interior consultant can note why you don't feel very relaxed in a certain space and then suggest changes in furniture pieces, furniture layout and the like. He or she might also suggest different lighting choices and even a change in wall colour and artwork so that your space is uniquely your own but still comfortable and relaxing.

For more information, contact an interior consulting professional.