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Landscaping Products That Can Improve Your Garden

Landscaping products can be used to improve the quality and appearance of your garden. This includes soil, mixes, compost, mulch, stones, rocks, gravel, pebbles, sand and turf.

Garden soils and garden mixes

Garden soils or garden mixes can be used to improve the quality of plant growth. There are a variety of mixes available. These can include substances such as sand, peat and ash. Garden mixes use organic waste that has been ground, composted and matured using special machinery. Some of the substances in garden mixes can act as natural fertilisers. Soils and mixes can be used for potting plants, as well as in garden patches. As they can contain fertiliser, garden mixes can improve soil areas that have lost their nutrients over time.

Compost and soil conditioners

Compost and soil conditioners can be used to improve your garden soil. They may be added to areas such as garden beds or vegetable patches. Composts and soil conditioners are a good choice if you wish to enrich your plants without replacing the soil.


Mulch can be used to insulate or treat the soil. Mulch can allow the soil to stay cool during hot periods, support microbe growth in the soil and protect plants from excessive sunlight. Mulch can also suppress the growth of weeds. Mulch typically consists of wood chippings. Some composts can also act as mulch. In addition, mulch can be used to suppress diseases in the soil. You can choose a mulch that is less likely to erode in the wind or rain so that it lasts longer.

Stones and rocks

Stones and rocks can be purchased to create edging, flagging or a decorative effect. Substances that can be used include sandstone, limestone and granite.

Gravels and pebbles

Gravels and pebbles can be used to create a decorative effect in driveways and pathways. They can also act as an inorganic mulch to suppress weeds. There are a number of different types of pebbles and gravel available, varying in shape, size and colour.

Quarried sands and aggregates

Quarried sands and aggregates can be used for drainage or for driveways and pathways. They are also sometimes used for construction. The sand or aggregate you choose will depend on what you wish to use it for.


Turf can be used to create a lawn in small or larger areas. Turf is available in different colours and thicknesses and it can be purchased in rolls. Turf maintains its colour all year round, unlike natural grass. Turf can resist wear and it is also not affected by droughts.