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Deliberating On Shade Sail Installation? Here Is A Nifty Guide To Fabrics And Colours!

If you want to make the most of spending time in your backyard, pool area or even your patio, you may be contemplating investing in custom shade sails. Shade sails automatically transform any exterior space into a living area as they provide immediate protection from the elements. However, while you may be keen on shade sails for their functionality, it is also crucial for you to ensure the solutions you choose are complementary to the aesthetic of your residence as well as your lifestyle. For instance, you need to ask yourself if you want to clean you shade sails regularly or occasionally. With that in mind, fabric and colour become two key priorities. So if you are deliberating on shade sail installation, here is a nifty guide to fabrics and colours to consider.

What should you contemplate when exploring different fabrics for your shade sails?

A major advantage of shade sails is that they come in a vast selection of materials. However, deciding which fabric will be best can prove to be a daunting task, more so if you have no experience with these structures. To help you along, there are a few considerations that you can have in mind that will help in narrowing down the solutions available to you based on where they are situated on the property. For instance, if you will have the shade sails installed directly exposed to the weather conditions, then you should opt for UV-resistant and water-resistant shade sails that will not succumb to premature fading or moisture damage. Ultraviolet resistant shade sails are also perfect for swimming pool applications, as this fabric will protect you and your loved ones from direct sun exposure. If you want your shade sails to facilitate ventilation under the shelter, then the canvas variety will be an ideal option.

What should you mull over when picking the right colour for your shade sails?

In essence, the colour of your shade sails comes down to personal preference. Nonetheless, if you want the shade sails to appear to be part of your residence rather than an afterthought, then you need to mull over several things. Firstly, if you have limited space outdoors, you should use your shade sails to create an illusion of airiness. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by utilising layered shade sails in mixed colours, and this will help with adding depth to your exterior living space. Secondly, if you would like your shade sails to integrate into the surrounding foliage in your backyard seamlessly, consider rustic tones that complement the landscape. Your shade sail provider can offer you a range of colour palettes and advise you on which hues will work best with the colour scheme you envision.