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Why You Will Find Radiant Floor Heating Better Than Regular HVAC Systems

When it comes to home improvement, the trends change each passing day. One of the newest and trendiest of the inventions is radiant floor heating. Previously, if you wanted warmth on your feet, you'd have to install a wooden floor, buy carpets or crank up the thermostat. However, with radiant floor heating, the contractor comes in, installs the coils under your flooring material and sets the conditions under which the heat is turned on or off, and in one simple installation, you get warmth under your toes for decades. Here are some reasons why in-floor floor heating will be good for your home. 

An Energy-Efficient Heat Source

There are two major types of radiant heating systems: electric- and water-based systems. The water-based systems are older than the basic electrical coils. The water system is designed such that warm water passes through a pipe network laid all the way under the floor. The water heats the floor as it goes. The electric system works in a similar manner except that it gives off dry heat. The system is efficient because only the floor needs to be heated to stay warm, unlike other systems where you need enough energy to heat the air to keep the surroundings warm. For instance, the classic radiator has to be heated to 75 degrees to keep the house warm. On the other hand, the floor heating system only needs to be heated to 29 degrees to keep the house warm.

A System Which Is Easy to Operate

Another amazing quality of the radiation floor heaters is that they run effortlessly after installation. Most of the systems come with a thermostat, which is where you set the optimum temperature for the floors. State-of-the-art floor heating systems even have wireless remote control systems that you can tune from any part of the house.

Compatibility With All Floor Coverings

Another amazing thing about under the floor heating is that it will warm up any flooring material. It works well with tile and laminate floors, wooden floors, vinyl and even carpets. As long as you do not set the temperatures too high, you will have warmth and few damages to complain about.

These are just a few of the benefits that come from radiant floor heating. The most crucial step to take is to look for a professional to recommend superior-quality heaters and install them well for a warm and energy-efficient floor heating solution.