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6 Decorative and Designer Homewares That Can Make Your Home a Dream Living Space

A home is a place where you can find rest and solace after a long day's work. Making it lively and attractive is thus something that you should pay the utmost attention to. Here are six designer and decorative homewares to help you have a smooth start. 

Elegant Storage

Having enough storage in your humble abode can seem challenging at first. But achieving this can be an ideal solution for your home storage needs. Consider blush, white, olive blue and mustard as the ultimate choice colours for your metal lockers. You can find them in short, tall and slimline styles. When considering these options, perform thorough research first to assess the most affordable and fitting options possible. 

Unique Rustic Rugs 

Many polypropylene rugs combine a delicate mix of colour palettes, striking patterns and classic European charm. Some of these designs showcase a soft traditional colour variation and a silky-smooth feel. Also, they can add massive value to your living room, bedroom or dining space. 

Icelandic Sheepskin

Think of an accessory endowed with caramel tips that helps achieve an exquisite must-have home décor. This cosy, soft rug covering drapes over your favourite armchairs or wonderfully complements your bed. You can get find this warm textured Icelandic sheepskin at affordable prices from online stores.

Resin Homewares

Incorporating handcrafted homewares can be highly satisfying. Each cast resin homeware oozes functionality and simplicity, which allows fluid patterns exhibited by the material to stand out. Individually, they feature organic contours that emulate nature curves. Each colour option takes inspiration from the seasons, especially when considering the jade marble effect. Grab an elegant piece from reliable stores or shop online from various Australian-based stores.

Plant Hangers 

For nature aficionados, plant hangers are the ultimate must-have. A rainbow hanging planter exhibiting a playful design is a sure way to keep your indoor plants happy. You can use them for training your plants to grow within your home. Besides, you can allow the plant's leaves to grow while cascading downwards naturally. There are many florists online or even locally offering plant hangers at astonishingly low prices.

The Music Soundbar 

Music lovers who adore clear audio but lack enough space for multiple speakers can use fitting music soundbars. These mini entertainment bars are ideal for limited spaces and will grant you a superb experience as you watch your favourite TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, etc. Head over to your favourite online store and grab a fantastic soundbar, which you can attach to your wall for the ultimate entertainment experience. 


These are the six unique designer homeware items that can liven up your home and make a place you want to live in for the rest of your life. There are other excellent homeware items you can research and add to your overall collection. Contact a company that sells designer homewares to learn more.