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Three Ways a Rectractable Awning Protects You from the Sun

You're probably aware of the direct way a retractable awning shields you from the sun, but are you aware of other more indirect ways these covers can offer protection? Read on to find out.

Cooler Flooring

Your feet might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an awning — but they're one of the major beneficiaries. Many materials absorb the sun's heat, and this includes paver materials. Some elements, such as concrete and terracotta, for instance, absorb solar warmth readily, feeling hot to the touch. Thus, on a sunny day, you may wander out to the terrace in bare feet only to hop and jump as you feel the scorching paving underneath. 

This situation is easily avoidable by extending the awning even when you're indoors. When you do step outside, you can relax and save your soles, as the sun won't have needlessly baked the pavement already. This will preserve the flooring also. You can also inquire about some paving materials, such as travertine, that are less heat-absorbant.

Touchable Furniture

The same idea applies to patio furniture. Even when you're not enjoying the outdoors, the furniture is soaking up solar heat if in direct sunlight. You'll most likely bypass sitting on a baked outdoor sofa, for instance, that feels sticky and scorched.  Again, extending the awning will keep everything in the shade until you're ready to use it. An automatic awning gives control at the touch of a button, so adjusting it won't be a great hassle. You could install a model with a sensor that causes the awning to extend once the sun shines on a target area, such as a windowpane.

Less Glare

As well as protecting you from burning patio objects, awnings, of course, will provide shade when you're resting on the terrace. On a hot day, glare can intensify a sense of overwhelming heat. An awning will cover the patio in blissful shade, so you can sit outdoors and catch the breeze even on scorching days. Your eyes will have a reprieve from the bright sun. For such weather, make sure to install an awning fabric that blocks a high degree of UV light — various models will specify how much they stop.

Thus, an automatic retractable awning will not only protect your patio furniture and paving, but it will help to keep those objects cooler while you're indoors. Otherwise, if you decide to step out on a hot day, the entire area will feel baked and surfaces will be hot to the touch, so it will be difficult to feel comfortable even if you do then extend the awning.

For more information, contact a local awning service.