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Benefits of Plantation Shutters for a Home

If you're searching for window coverings for your home, you could explore plantation shutters. Here's a look at some of their unique benefits. 


Some window coverings function well in blocking the light, but they impart a utilitarian feel—consider roller blinds and roller shutters, for example. Plantation shutters, though, create beautifully textured forms against your window, with the horizontal louvres within a frame giving your windows a picturesque feel.  

They come in a range of colours such as white, grey, red, green, or brown, and custom shutters can be made to fit different windows whether bay windows or expansive modern sliding glass doors. You could install classic white in a modern or traditional setting, or amber-orange in a bohemian decor. Stained timber shutters flatter a casual vibe.


Some window coverings suit distinct areas but not others. For example, curtains can catch fire in a kitchen and thus are unsuitable in these areas, and timber blinds can rot and warp in damp spaces like bathrooms. Plantation shutters, however—because of their material options—can go virtually anywhere. You can fit them throughout your entire home, including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. Possible materials for your shutters include aluminium, timber, and PVC which can be styled to mimic wood. However, faux-timber won't rot and warp in humid spaces.


While it's pleasant to open your windows to allow breezes to freshen your home, in windy conditions, the house can become too blowy, with any loose papers flying everywhere. The problem with some window coverings—like curtains and roller blinds—is that they don't control the wind. Instead, they tend to shift around in breezy conditions: they fall victim to the wind.

Plantation shutters, though, affix firmly to your window frame, and you can adjust the slats to control ventilation. Because they're fixed, you have a lot more control than you do with other window coverings—and you won't have to listen to them clunking against the window sill. Even in strong winds, you can open plantation shutters and adjust them to filter and limit the breeze. As a result, even on a blustery day, you can enjoy the fresh air and not be forced to close the windows.

Energy efficiency

Plantation shutters can help you lower your energy bills. You can angle the blades to block sunlight from the room so your air conditioner won't need to work doubly hard. Alternatively, instead of blocking the light, you could adjust the blades to angle them upwards, thus protecting furnishings from fading.


These window coverings don't require hanging cords that pose a danger to children or pets, whether they live with you or whether they visit. If you throw a party, you'll never have to suffer the tragedy of someone becoming accidentally entangled in window-covering cords.