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Choosing The Right Carport For Your Needs

A carport is an effective way to protect your car from both rain and sun when a garage is not practical or you don't want to spend as much as it would cost to build a garage on your property. Carports offer good value for money due to their open-sided construction, and they can also look stylish and complement the aesthetic of your property. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, so how do you choose the right carport for your needs? Read on to learn about the different types of carports that are available and when they might be the best choice.

Freestanding Carports

Freestanding carports are not attached to your property and can be built to offer shelter to a single car, two cars or even a larger vehicle, such as a campervan. Double free-standing carports can be designed to fit two cars side by side or bumper to bumper, so there's a high degree of flexibility offered at the design and build stage with freestanding carports. This can make them an attractive option for those without sufficient space for the construction of a traditional attached garage, but with lots of free space at the side or rear of their property. Freestanding carports can be made of steel or aluminium and the roof tends to be acrylic or polycarbonate, which can prevent the sun's heat from heating the inside of your car or damaging your paintwork.   

Pitched-Roof Carports

Pitched-roof carports are constructed with one side of the carport roof adjoined to the side of your home or an existing garage. The adjoining roof offers an enhanced level of protection from the elements for you, as the walk from the door of your home to your car will be under the carport roof. This can be particularly attractive to those with young children and those with mobility issues, as there's no risk of getting wet on the way to the car. Pitched-roof carports are typically constructed with aluminium and polycarbonate. They look modern and are available in a variety of colours to complement the style of your property.

When deciding on the type of carport for your property, take some time to browse brochures and websites of carport companies to ensure you have a firm grasp of the styles available. If you're unsure of the type of carport that would best suit your property, ask your chosen carport company for guidance.