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Ideas for Choosing the Colour of Your Kitchen Benchtop

The benchtop you install in your kitchen will have a lasting impression on the room, covering such a large expanse. Rather than thinking about what material to opt for, you could contemplate various colours. Here are some ideas.


A uniform white benchtop will create a fresh, clean feel in a contemporary space. If you have bold timber or brightly coloured cabinets, a white counter will create a resting place for your eyes, just like blank space on a page is restful. However, sometimes white can appear too sterile, and you can install a softly speckled, creamy white stone counter instead. The delicate pattern of these counters better suits traditional decors. You could install a laminate counter, which comes in faux stone designs as well as uniform shades.

Charcoal and Black

Another shade to consider for your benchtop is dark grey or black, which creates a more intimate, cosy feel. Dark colours bring out the vividness of richly coloured cabinets in cobalt blue or forest green, for example. You might also want a charcoal or black countertop if you have similarly toned cupboards and don't want to break the moody feel. Dark countertops suit traditional, industrial and modern styles. A black benchtop may be perfect for a classic black and white kitchen, adding a sense of drama to the room.

Wooden Tones

Timber benchtops come in various colours. Choose light-toned wood for a modern or Scandinavian kitchen, pairing it with whites and pale greys to create a casual space. Warm honey shades tend to harmonise with traditional decors, and dark walnut timbers can look more formal and classic.

A wood benchtop can warm up an all-white kitchen and prevent it from looking cold. You could complement the friendly feel by using wood for other parts of the room, such as the flooring or chairs.

Soft Neutrals

You might prefer kitchen benchtops in soft mid-range neutral colours like pale grey or beige. You could install a polished concrete countertop in an industrial or modern kitchen, which can be customised to any shape and include cutouts for sinks. Many natural stones come in pale speckles of grey or sand mixed with creams. Or you could opt for a faux stone laminate counter. Soft, warm neutrals suit traditional kitchens, and pale greys can fit into industrial, contemporary and many other decors. Subtle neutrals are softer than white and less dramatic than dark shades.

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