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Four reasons why glass could be the right material for your balustrade

There are many materials that you can use to make a custom balustrade, such as stainless steel or wood. One popular option is glass. If you are not sure if this is the right material for you, here are some reasons why you should consider it.


Your first concern is likely to be the safety of your friends and family. The good news is that glass is a very safe material for balustrades. This is because they are made from thick sheets of tempered glass, which will only break under extreme pressure — far more than they are likely to experience in a home setting. And if the glass does break, it doesn't shatter into sharp pieces, which means anyone around will still be safe.


After the safety aspect, the big benefit of a glass balustrade is that you can see through it. This can be hugely important if you are installing the balustrade around a deck or balcony and want to see the view. If the balustrade is set up indoors, on the other hand, it will not block the light. Instead of closing off a room, it will make it seem more spacious and will make the best use of the sunlight.


The third advantage is that glass does not take a lot of maintenance and is easy to keep clean. A regular wash is all you need to keep it looking as good as new — just use detergent or a standard glass cleaner from the hardware store. The fixings used to hold the glass in place are made from non-corrosive materials that will stay in good condition, and any scratches in the glass are easy to polish out.


Finally, glass balustrades will fit in with any other material. This doesn't just apply to the risers and fixings of the balustrade itself, but is also true of any other materials or designs you already have in your house. Stainless steel or wood might look out of place if they are placed with other types of material, but glass will fit in easily with these or anything else you have in your design scheme.

If the above benefits make you think that glass could be the right material for you, just talk to your installer who will happily discuss your options and help you choose a balustrade that your family can enjoy for many years to come. For more information on balustrades, contact a professional near you.