Bringing Your Home and Garden Into the 21st Century

Bringing Your Home and Garden Into the 21st Century

Two Steps That Homeowners Can Take to Keep Their Energy Bills Low

There are a number of steps you can take to keep your household's energy bills as low as possible. Read on to find out what these steps are. Monitor and manage the growth of foliage near the external unit of your split system A lot of people choose to have split systems fitted in their homes, rather than ducted air conditioning systems, as the former tend to be less c

How to Choose the Right Rolling Flyscreen Option for Your Home

If you love to keep your home's windows or patio door wall open, but don't want to be bothered by unwanted pests and insects, you might consider having flyscreens installed. Flyscreens, unlike standard window screens or screen doors, retract and open completely, either folding out of the way or sliding into a cassette. Not only can this give you an easy option for com

Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Security Storm Doors

Security storm doors are a very good way to keep your home and your family safe without needing an added alarm, security cameras, and other such complicated features around the home. Security doors come in a wide range of styles and materials, including traditional wood, so you can have one installed without making your home look like a fortress! If you're thinking of

Simple But Important Details to Remember When Choosing a Pergola

A pergola is a very simple outdoor structure made up of four legs and slats that create a roof. These structures are a good choice for use over an outdoor seating area, where you might need some protection from the sun, but don't want to have full shade over that space. Pergolas can also be purely decorative, adding some visual interest to an otherwise "dead" corner o

Learning the Language of Lilies

Of all the flowers to grace the planet, the Lily is one of the most beautiful and sought after. You'll be familiar with the heady fragrance of many varieties of lily. You may even have appreciated their stately beauty on significant occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and funerals, and enjoyed them on other important days like Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother'